During a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, the founding member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby, responded to some questions considering his long and turbulent career in the rock scene while revealing whether there was any adultery in his marriage.

As you know, David Crosby is one of the most social rockstars of all time, and aside from being an active social media user, he also enjoys giving out interviews and speaking his mind. In his recent interview, he was asked about Byrds’ famous song ‘Triad’ written by Crosby, which talks about a threesome.

The interviewer called the song ‘controversial’ which Crosby immediately reacted to. He said threesomes are not controversial and that the ‘French have been doing ménage à trois for centuries.’ However, he acknowledged that they might be unusual for people who are ‘sexually very square.’

He went on to admit that he has taken part in threesomes and that he found them quite fun back then. However, David Crosby then said that he hasn’t even touched a woman after he got married to his beloved wife Jan Dance in 1987, who seems to have managed to put him on the right track.

Here’s what the interviewer asked:

“You had written a somewhat controversial song for the Byrds called ‘Triad,’ about a threesome.”

To which David Crosby responded:

“It’s not controversial, man. The French have been doing ménage à trois for centuries. It’s just unusual if you’re sexually very square. Lots of times, three people get together in a bed. I certainly wasn’t the only one doing it. It was fun to adventure back then. I continued being an adventurer for a long time, but my focus was really on obliterating [myself] with hard drugs.

Once I got married to Jan, I never touched another woman, ever, at all.”

Click here for the source and you can listen to ‘Triad‘ below.