The co-founding member of Byrds & Crosby and Stills & Nash, David Crosby responded to a fan’s question about his relationship with the rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton revealing they had been in contact over the course of many years.

The 79-year-old rock musician David Crosby has been using his Twitter account often to reach out to his fans and answer their questions on various subjects.

Recently on Twitter, a fan sent a question to David asking whether he maintained a relationship with the guitar legend Eric Clapton throughout the years. As a response, David Crosby stated that he had interactions with his fellow musician many times over the years.

Here’s the question of the Twitter user named Chris French:

I may have missed it but have you had any interaction with Clapton through the years?

As a response to the question, David Crosby wrote simply:

Many times.”

In the comment section of David Crosby’s tweet, fans shared the old photos of David and Eric Clapton to prove their continuous relationship. Moreover, some fans reminded the documentary named ‘Laurel Canyon‘ depicting the ’60s and ’70s rock music and famous musicians which showed the photos of David Crosby and Eric Clapton hanging out in Laurel Canyon.

You can see the tweet posted by David Crosby on his official Twitter account below.

You can see the photo of David Crosby and Eric Clapton in Laurel Canyon below.