In a recent interview, the vocalist and co-founder of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby talked about his songs related to the cannabis movement and revealed that both he and Bob Dylan exposed criticism due to their ‘drug songs.’

As you might remember, David Crosby had several issues related to his substance abuse back in the 1980s. He even spent nine months in a Texas state prison after being convicted of several drugs and weapons offenses in 1985.

Following many other criminal charges mostly related to his alcohol and drug abuse, David had to quit his long going habits. Previously Crosby announced he had been sober for 14 years, however, he revealed that he started to smoke weed again from time to time.

Recently, David Crosby joined a conversation with Canopy Growth Corporation and answered questions about the relationship between his music career and his ongoing substance abuse. During the interview, David was asked to share the songs he wrote at the beginning of the cannabis movement which would resonate right now.

In his response, David Crosby revealed that he and Bob Dylan actually had songs on the same list which were considered as ‘drug songs.’ Apparently, Crosby’s 1966 song ‘Eight Miles High‘ and Bob Dylan’s ‘Everybody Must Get Stoned‘ were listed as drug songs.

Here’s what David Crosby stated about his interesting common point with Bob Dylan:

“I was thinking about that. I guess ‘Eight Miles High.’ Eight Miles High was one of the first songs that got listed as being a drug song and they tried to take it off the air. It was a hit anyway.

But it came out the same time Dylan put out ‘Everybody Must Get Stoned.’ They were both listed together as being drug songs. They tried to take them off.

You can watch the interview with David Crosby on Youtube below.