The founding member of both the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby has taken the questions of his fans on the things most wondered about him and revealed whether he is a friend of The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, or not.

The iconic musician Crosby has been doing a lot of Q&A sessions on Twitter for a while now. After announcing his next album, David Crosby began to interact more actively with his followers. As you may remember, he has responded to a question positively, in which he was asked would he authorize his song, ‘They Want It All,’ to be used in an anti-Trump message.

A short time ago, David has disclosed another fact about himself, which is related to his hipster image. When asked if he still considers himself a hippie, Crosby admitted that he does. Recently, he clarified one more issue, that is about the legendary guitarist Keith Richards.

A fan, whose name is David, asked on Twitter to Crosby if Keith Richards is a friend of him. Crosby said that he wishes to be friends with Richards, however, they are not. He added that he admires Keith Richards greatly.

Here is what the fan asked to David Crosby about Keith Richards:

“Is Keith Richards a friend of yours?”

David Crosby answered the question as:

“I wish.. I admire him greatly.”

You can see the tweets below.