The founding member and co-lead vocalist of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and The Byrds, David Crosby, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and expressed his views considering James Taylor’s twentieth studio album.

Aside from an influential musician, David Crosby is also known as one of the most famous social media personalities of the rock scene. He often enjoys using his Twitter account to express his social and political views, talk about rock music and musicians, interact with his fans, and answer their questions.

Recently, a Twitter user asked his followers to name the best material created by an artist after ‘the primary time period they’re associated with.’ To this, Crosby responded by saying that he was in awe with James Taylor’s latest album which was released just a year ago, in 2020.

As you know, the six-time Grammy Award winner James Taylor is one of the most accomplished musicians of all time. He’s considered to be one of the best-selling rockstars having sold more than 100 million records worldwide and he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. Although he achieved mainstream fame in the 1970s, it was apparently his latest record that Crosby really liked.

In his response tweet, David Crosby said that James Taylor’s twentieth album ‘American Standard‘ which was released in February 2020 and won a Grammy in the category of ‘Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album’ is Taylor’s best one so far. He said that everything about it is perfect and especially the ‘stunning writing.’ He finished his message by summarizing the album in just two words; ‘amazingly good.’

Here’s what a user asked:

“Here’s an open-ended question for all the music dweebs who follow me: which artists’ best material was made well after the primary time period they’re associated with? Obviously, pure opinion here, feel free to go out on insane limbs.”

To which David Crosby responded:

James Taylor made one of the best records of his life LAST YEAR… stunning writing. Just amazingly good.”

You can check out Crosby’s tweet and listen to ‘American Standard‘ through Spotify below.