One of the legendary singers in the history and the founding member of ‘The Byrds,’ David Crosby, made a new question & answer session via Twitter and revealed his opinion about Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour.

A fan asked Crosby’s thoughts about Gilmour, and he replied with the confession that he loves David Gilmour and said that he is a really good man. In this way, Crosby showed his respect for yet another legend.

Furthermore, another fan asked Crosby’s thoughts about metal music, but he was disappointed after the answer he got. Crosby stated that metal music is not his thing, and he didn’t even listen to it during the best days of metal music.

A fan named Patrick Neal asked:

“I really like the backup vocals you and Graham did for David Gilmour’s on an island. How was it working with him and David Bowie at the same time?”

Here is what David Crosby said:

“Love Gilmour… Very good man… Only met Bowie but he was very nice to me.”

Another fan named Kevin asked:

“Hey brother Croz, have you enjoyed any hard rock/metal in the ’70s and ’80s. I’m 1st a metalhead but love all music as it moves me. Love you on Howard by the way.”

David Crosby replied with a simple answer:

“Not my thing.”

You can read the tweets below.