David Crosby spoke in a recent interview with Zane Lowe Show and talked about his relationship with Neil Young during their time with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

According to David, Neil Young is an interesting person. He loves to sing, and there was no complexity or weirdness about this part of his interaction with the band. The chemistry in the band was so great when they were playing together.

Although they had really good synergy, Davis pointed out that Neil wasn’t really hanging out with the other band members as well as David. Also, Neil even didn’t ride in the bus with them and had his own drivers.

While David was talking about the weirdness he experienced with Neil, he also mentioned that he was really fine with it. He wanted Neil to be happy because he was doing really good music when he is happy.

Here is what David Crosby said:

“Neil’s an interesting guy. He loves song. He loves music. He loves to sing and play. That part, there’s no complexity, there’s no tricks, there’s no weirdness at all. He is a musician. He loves it.

As soon as his fingers touched the guitar strings, we were talking to each other really well. The chemistry in that band, when we were playing, was excellent. We were listening to each other and we could spark each other easily.

When we went on tour, he didn’t ride in the bus with us. He had his own drivers, his own scene. He didn’t even hang out with us. It’s tough for some people – you want other people to be like you, and he’s not. I was fine with it. I wanted him to be happy because when he’s happy, he makes really good music.”

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