The founding member of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and The Byrds, David Crosby, posted a tweet on his Twitter account and shared his views on why Trump was elected the president in the previous elections and pointed out the source of the problem in the United States’ democracy.

David Crosby is very active on social media and he often shares his views on various matters through his Twitter account. Also, he is one of the most politically vocal rockstars and enjoys sharing his views and responding to his followers’ questions and comments.

In his recent tweet, Crosby attempted to explain how and why Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States four years ago. Everything started when a Twitter user posted a tweet questioning why people voted for Trump and offered possible reasons.

They said that it could be Trump’s reputation as a billionaire, his TV show, his racism, and xenophobia, or someone else helping him. Even though these reasons are plausible, the user still could not understand why people voted for him.

David Crosby retweeted the user’s tweet and responded by saying that a lot of Americans are uneducated. He stated that they did not receive a good education, had bad teachers, and thus, they don’t read which makes them vulnerable against people who can manipulate them.

Crosby said that this is the reason why a lot of Americans are ignorant and easily mislead and that only by improving the United States’ education system, they would be able to have a functioning democracy.

Crosby’s tweet soon turned to a platform where people discussed the importance of education and how it affects people’s future life. Teachers shared their experiences and attributed the blame elsewhere by saying that they are doing the best they can even though their job is highly devalued.

Here’s what a Twitter user said:

“I’ve been scratching my head for 4 years. Maybe it was the fake billionaire shit.
Maybe it was the dumb TV show.
Maybe it was racism.
Maybe it was the xenophobia.
How the fuck did this clown get elected?
Was it Putin? I think surely a little.
But Americans voted for him.

Crosby responded to this tweet by saying this:

“Because a lot of Americans are uneducated, had lousy schools, bad teachers just going through the motions, and as a result don’t read and are ignorant and thus, easy to lie to and mislead. I believe education is the key log in the jam we are in.”

His tweet received more than 200 responses and some of them were from teachers who said that they are doing their best and feel frustrated because they are devalued. They stated that the problem is that education is not funded enough which affects the quality of the education they can provide children with.

Here’s what one of his followers said:

“We’re tired. We’re saddled with debt like everybody else. I am evaluated yearly on my classroom snd content skills and renew my license every five years. If education were funded the way the Military is, you’d see a lot more talented people in our classrooms.”

Check out the tweet that David Crosby posted on his Twitter account below.