David Crosby, the founding member and co-lead vocalist of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, has shared opinions about the British rock and blues guitarist, Eric Clapton, on his new collaboration project with Van Morrison for an anti-lockdown song.

As you may have heard by now, Eric Clapton and the Northern Irish singer, Van Morrison, announced that they have teamed up for a song called, ‘Stand and Deliver,’ which aims to protest the UK government’s lockdown due to the COVID-19.

The song, which was written by Morrison and performed by Clapton, has shaken the industry even before it is released. Morrison, who has been supporting a re-opening of performance venues at full capacity, stated that the proceeds from ‘Stand and Deliver’ will benefit his ‘Lockdown Financial Hardship Fund,’ a project to help musicians who are struggling with financial issues during the pandemic.

Recently on Twitter, one of Crosby’s fans asked him what he thinks about the controversial collaboration. Though called Clapton an intelligent guy who is a bit of a sourpuss sometimes, David Crosby admitted that he is amazed by the fact that Clapton associated himself with Van on this.

Additionally, he stated that Van is a noted curmudgeon and politically dismal. So it is a dumb move for Eric Clapton, who is clearly not a stupid man, to be a part of this disturbing act. Crosby confessed that this issue baffles him.

Here’s what the fan of David Crosby asked him on Twitter:

“Thoughts on Eric Clapton and Van Morrison’s anti-lockdown single?”

Crosby responded as:

“Clapton is an intelligent guy… Bit of a sourpuss sometimes but not stupid so I’m amazed he would associate himself with Van on this…

Van is a noted curmudgeon and politically dismal so why Eric would do this baffles me… Dumb move.”

You can see the tweets below.