The vocalist and founding member of the Byrds, David Crosby has revealed the fact that he needs a couple of operations to get back to playing guitar as he used to do on a Q&A session on Twitter.

The iconic musician has explained a significant issue about his health status lately. Answering several questions of his fans on Twitter for a while now, Crosby clarified whether he is well enough to put the great performances on guitar again.

As you might remember, he has responded to the questions about his style, the debate over Trump’s election campaign, and his relationship with The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards not long ago. Recently, David has answered if he is playing much guitar these days.

Crosby said that he plays every day to re-build his chops. He added he could not play for a while. However, a couple of surgical operations later, he said that he is trying to get it all back again.

Here is what a fan of Crosby asked him on Twitter:

“You playing much guitar these days?”

David Crosby answered as:

“I play every day to re-build my chops… Could not play for a while… A couple of operations later I am trying to get it all back.”

You can see the tweets below.

Photo Credit: David Crosby – Twitter