The founding member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby, responded to a follower’s tweet about his close relationship with Bob Dylan and said that they have lived through so many things with him, most of which have turned into unutterable stories.

David Crosby is one of the most social rockstars of all time, and he enjoys using his social media accounts to interact with his fans, share his views on social and political matters, and reveal his views about music. Being such a social rockstar, often makes him the target of questions considering his relationship with other rockstars such as Bob Dylan.

As you may know, in 1965 the Byrds started performing in Ciro’s Le Disc nightclub on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood while they were getting ready for the release of ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ written by Bob Dylan. In March, Bob Dylan surprised the band with an impromptu visit to the club and even joined them on stage to sing Jimmy Reed’s ‘Baby What You Want Me to Do.’

This surprise visit increased the band’s popularity and led to a friendly relationship between Bob Dylan and David Crosby. The Byrds collaborated with Bob Dylan multiple times which must have lead to some interesting stories.

Recently, Crosby was asked whether he has any cool Bob Dylan stories which he could share with his followers. David Crosby said that he gave it some thought and that even though he has a lot of them, he isn’t willing to share them with the public.

This response increased his followers’ curiosity who insisted that he tells them. While some followers said that Bob Dylan fans are thirsty to hear stories about the ‘real Dylan,’ others said that Crosby owes them a good story as we are all going through a pandemic. Time will tell whether Crosby will cave and reveal some of his untellable Dylan stories.

Here’s what one of his followers asked Crosby:

“Hey David Crosby, do you have any cool Dylan stories you’re willing to share with us?”

To which Crosby responded:

“Hmmm let me think about it… Not that I would share.”

This is what one of his followers responded to Crosby’s tweet:

“Please David share! We are in the middle of a pandemic!”

While another one said:

“Most of us ‘civilians’ are starved for knowledge of the ‘real Dylan’, but I’m guessing the truth is – even his contemporaries don’t really know the man that well either…”

You can check out the tweet that David Crosby posted on his Twitter account below.