One of the most active social media users of our community and sending new stuff every single day after announcing his upcoming album, David Crosby, has made yet another quick question & answer session on social media.

Crosby has answered some of the fans’ questions on his official Twitter account today and exposed his current thoughts on United States President Donald Trump.

While a fan named John Fore mentioned David’s iconic song ‘They Want It All’ on his question, he also asked if David would allow the song to be used as an Anti-Trump message if he’s asked. David has made a simple and plain answer to the question and stated that he would ‘probably’ allow the song to be used like that.

Here is what John Fore asked first:

They Want It All would be perfect inside an anti-Trump message or commercial. Would you authorize it if asked?

David Crosby responded:

Probably yes.”

You can check out the tweets and listen to the ‘They Want It All’ right below.