The founding member and co-lead vocalist of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Byrds, David Crosby, recently responded to a fan’s question through his Twitter account and talked about the famous Canadian-American band Buffalo Springfield while revealing his favorite song of the band.

As you know, David Crosby is one of the most active social media users in the rock scene and he often prefers to use his Twitter account to express his views on social and political matters, talk about rock music, and interact with his fans. Being so active on social media also means that his comments or tweet often make it to our headlines.

He was one of the most popular and controversial figures of the ’60s and ’70s and achieved great fame with The Byrds. However, the growing tensions between Crosby and his bandmates in 1967, and his appearance on stage with Buffalo Springfield at the Monterey Pop Festival, when he substituted for Neil Young, contributed to his dismissal from the Byrds.

Recently, Crosby was asked about his favorite song of Buffalo Springfield to which Crosby responded with ‘For What Its Worth‘ which was written by Stephen Still in 1966. Still was inspired by the Sunset Strip curfew riots, also known as the hippieriots, which were a series of protests initiated by young members of the hippie and rock and roll counterculture, after the city’s administration decided to enforce curfew in order to restrict the activities of the young people who had dominated in the area.

Here’s what a fan asked Crosby:

“Croz, what are your favorite Buffalo Springfield songs?”

To which David Crosby responded:

“Probably ‘For What Its Worth.'”

You can check out the tweet and listen to ‘For What It’s Worth’ below.