David Crosby, the vocalist and founding member of the cornerstone rock band The Byrds, has reacted to his follower’s tweet, in which she said the country musician Travis Tritt supports Trump, and called Tritt stupid.

One of the most active rock legends on Twitter, David Crosby, has been known as the great supporter of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for the coming 2020 presidential elections.

An anti-Trump, Crosby has shared a collage in which the former first lady of the US, Michelle Obama, and the current one, Melania Trump, are compared lately. It was written on the picture that Michelle is the lady while Melania is a tramp with her fully-naked pose.

Recently, Crosby has commented on his fan’s tweet and slammed a Trump supporter singer and actor, Travis Tritt. He has called Travis a stupid responding to his follower’s tweet in which she said Tritt supports Tramp.

James Travis Tritt is a country musician, who has been active since 1989. He has released 12 albums and received two Grammy Awards. Tritt is known as a member of the Republican Party and supported George W. Bush for President in 2000.

This month Tritt gained notoriety for joining fellow Republican James Woods in blocking random Twitter users for using pro-Black Lives Matter and other anti-Trump tags in their posts, under the belief that it would counteract anti-Republican sentiment on Twitter.

Here is what the fan of Crosby said on Twitter:

Travis Tritt supports Trump.”

David Crosby responded as:

“Then he’s stupid.”

You can see the tweets below.