The singer of both ‘Byrds and Crosby’ and ‘Stills & Nash,’ David Crosby, has been answering fans’ questions via his official Twitter account and criticized the current president, Donald Trump.

In the question and answer sessions, one of the fans asked if Crosby likes the muppets or not. Afterward, Crosby replied that he really likes the muppets and thought that everybody should be liking them all.

Later on, another fan replied to this answer of Crosby and claimed that Donald Trump doesn’t like the muppets at all. Furthermore, Crosby stated that it is a high possibility that Trump doesn’t like muppets and criticized him differently.

In the tweet, Crosby mentions that Trump doesn’t even like the dogs, and he has to be a dick because of that. Also, Crosby unveiled his opinion about Trump and said that he doesn’t like any animal in the world.

A fan named Wilbur asked:

“Hey, Croz! Do you like The Muppets?”

David Crosby replied:

“Doesn’t everybody?”

Another fan named Eugene replied:

“I bet Trump doesn’t like The Muppets!”

David Crosby responded:

“Probably not… The main thing is he does not like dogs… So he sort just has to be a dick… I don’t think he likes any animals.”

You can check out the post below.