Legendary singer David Crosby took his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed his thoughts about The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr while chatting with his former bandmate, Steve Lukather.

In his tweet, Crosby stated that he loves Ringo and praised his personality by saying that he is a great human being. Also, Crosby mentioned that he likes almost everything Ringo does while showing his respect for the drummer.

Furthermore, Crosby’s former bandmate Steve Lukather replied to this post and revealed his feelings about being in the band with Ringo for nine years. He stated that Ringo’s drum parts are legendary as well as himself.

Later on, Crosby replied to Steve with a differently structured sentence and wrote that he loves Ringo too. Moreover, he asked how Steve is doing nowadays and warned him to be safe during these tough times while wishing him nothing but the best.

Here is what David Crosby wrote:

“I just love Ringo… He is a fine human… I like him doing anything almost.”

Steve Lukather replied:

“I love Ringo. Been in his band for almost 9 years and is now a close friend. No one likes him and at 80 he looks 50 and is funny as he was in Hard Days Night. His drum parts are as legendary as is he. He still plays his ass off!”

David Crosby replied:

“Me too… A sweetheart… Hi Luke… Howzit? Stay safe… We need you…”

You can read the tweets below.