Disturbed frontman David Draiman recently posted a series of tweets about Spotify and Neil Young‘s decision to leave the platform. In one of his tweets, he said that Neil Young’s main problem is with Spotify rather than Joe Rogan.

Neil Young had announced that he would remove his music catalog from Spotify unless they stop airing Joe Rogan’s podcast, which many propose spreads misinformation and fear about COVID-19 and the effects of vaccines. However, Spotify decided to remove Young’s music from the platform instead of Rogan’s podcast. Young already knew that decision would take a heavy toll on his financial income, but he didn’t consider backing away.

Before this happened, Young wasn’t already a fan of the platform. Because of the poor streaming quality of Spotify, he was using his own website to stream his catalog with higher sound quality. Apart from the other musicians who joined the debate, Disturbed’s David Draiman also decided to share his thoughts about this issue on Twitter. As it seems, Draiman thinks that Young’s decision is an example of a masterclass in marketing.

In his tweets, Draiman claimed that Neil Young has had a problem with Spotify since the beginning, and it’s not really about Joe Rogan. Moreover, he targeted Young for his past negative remarks about the LGBTQ+ community and claimed this decision was just a marketing move. Moreover, Draiman stated that before streaming platforms, artists and the music industry were on the edge of collapse as they refused to collaborate with the streaming project called Napster.

Thus, they couldn’t see the future of the music industry since piracy and BitTorrent files had stolen the musicians’ work. According to Draiman, streaming services brought the music industry back to life. They made the labels profitable, helped artists regain a royalty stream, and made their music valuable. After revealing the positive aspects of streaming, Draiman also added that he believes Spotify should have a better streaming royalty rate.

David Draiman’s tweet read:

Was it ever really about Joe Rogan? Neil Young has had a problem with Spotify since day 1. The man who said horrible things about the LGBTQ+ community at the peak of the aids crisis has just given us a Masterclass in marketing.

In the following tweets, Draiman added:

“All those attacking Spotify, young and old, would do well to remember a couple of little things called music piracy and BitTorrent sites. Before streaming took hold, both artists and the very music industry itself were on the verge of collapse. Why?

Because the heads of the major labels at the time refused to see the future when a young Sean Fanning and Sean Parker, the guys behind a little startup called Napster, approached them with a new way to reach their consumers at unprecedented levels, and they shot them down.”

He then continued:

It took streaming to bring the music industry back to life. Streaming made the labels profitable again, made catalog artists regain a royalty stream, and made piracy obsolete. Streaming made legacy artists’ catalogs, like Neil Young and others, tremendously valuable.

It created the current environment where people stream their music, and where musicians had the opportunity to sell their catalogs, which had regained their value as Neil did. Could or should Spotify have a better streaming royalty rate? I believe so…

You can check out the tweets below.