Disturbed frontman David Draiman announced his support for Ukraine within the scope of the World United Live project about the Russian-Ukraine war, which has a worldwide impact.

Russian President Vladimir Putin organized an attack on Ukraine to invade the country’s territories in February. However, the Ukrainian people have been defending their country since the beginning of the attacks. On the other hand, the Russian government has not stopped the war, although they received adverse reactions, primarily via social media. Politicians and famous people also shared their support for Ukraine by taking advantage of their large audience.

Sting sang his song titled ‘Russians,’ which he wrote about the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union in the previous days. The musician wanted to draw attention to the war between Russia and Ukraine and called for an end to war. Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour also announced with an Instagram post that he would remove Pink Floyd’s and his solo records from the digital platforms in Russia and Belarus.

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider has been showing his support to Ukraine as well. He allowed Ukrainians to use ‘We Are Not Gonna Take It’ to respond to the Russian government. Famous names have also begun to work with aid organizations, such as World United Live. World United Live has chosen musicians, producers, and artists as messengers to connect with people to prevent the war.

David Draiman was one of them, and he shared a video talking about supporting Ukrainians and World United Live. In the footage, he called out to the Russian people. Draiman also shared verified sources proving that many places in Ukraine have been bombed that there has been too much loss.

Draiman indicated if these sources are banned in Russia, the Russian people should question this. He also expressed his support and love towards the Russian people. He encouraged the Russians and the whole world to be together against the war by supporting Ukraine and World United Live.

Draiman’s full speech reads:

“David Draiman of Disturbed here, and I am a World United Live messenger. You know me over my many years of fronting the band Disturbed, obviously. I want to speak directly to the Russian people now. I will read out to you a report that has been documented and verified. Please listen to us. It’s not as your leaders are telling you. Millions of people are suffering. Below my video, you will see the text that I am relaying to you, including links to credible, verified news sources.

You may not be able to reach those links because your government is blocking access. If they are blocked, ask yourselves why. What is it that my government does not want me to see? And why can’t I make up my own mind? Please listen to us. You are our only hope of trying to stop this insanity. We all have to do what we can to shed some light in this incredible darkness and to try and expose the truth on the ground, the harsh reality of war, and do all we can to try and stop it and bring it to an end. We all want peace. Hopefully, we can see that sometime soon.

Support World United Live. Support the Ukrainian people. And I still support and love the Russian people as well. I think that it’s going to take individuals to rise and stand for peace and make a resounding statement together. We can if we join our voices together.”

The rock music industry and aid organizations have been supporting Ukraine. Rock stars benefit from their social media accounts and fanbases to make themselves heard about the war. David Draiman has become one of these names by sharing his message through World United Live.