Former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson opened up about the possibility of a reunion with his ex-band during a recent interview with the Metal Voice. When asked if leader Dave Mustaine call him to want him back, Ellefson only said he has no hard feelings for his former bandmates.

As many of you know, David Ellefson had a hard time a couple of months ago when an Instagram user leaked the screenshots of explicit conversations of him with a woman who wasn’t his wife. The scandal continued after a video was also leaked in which Ellefson was spotted masturbating. 

Unbelievable speculations followed the scandal as many people suggested that the woman he was talking to was an underage girl. After being accused of pedophilia and child grooming, Ellefson cleared his name with a statement coming from the woman he was talking to who wasn’t a teenager.

However, everything about the scandal was problematic as the bassist has been married to Julie Foley since 1993, and he’s a Lutheran pastor who committed adultery. Since he received major backlash both from the Christian community and a great portion of his fans, Ellefson was fired from Megadeth.

The rocker went on to form his own band named ‘The Lucid,’ and made it clear that he has no regrets for being fired from his band. Furthermore, he admitted being anxious when the incident first took place but he came to terms with the downfalls of being a rock star.

During a recent interview, David Ellefson was asked whether he would ever return to Megadeth if Dave Mustaine call him to get him back. Although the bassist didn’t directly say yes, he stated that he doesn’t have hard feelings for any of his former bandmates which might mean there’s still a chance. 

Regarding his reunion with Megadeth, Ellefson said:

“Look, I don’t have, believe it or not; people might find this hard to believe, I don’t have any ill will toward Mustaine or the rest of Megadeth. I really don’t.”

You can watch the entire interview below.