In a recent interview with Metal Wani, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson explained his thoughts about final tour of Slayer. He said (transcriped by Blabbermouth):

“I’ve talked with [Slayer guitarist] Gary Holt, but he said, ‘Look, it’s not my place to talk about anything,’ which I understand. But I’ve not talked to [founding Slayer members] Kerry [King, guitar] or Tom [Araya, bass/vocals], only because our paths haven’t crossed here, but I certainly intend to.

Look, they’ve had an incredible run at it. And it brings to mind a couple of things. Number one, even in your own life, I go, ‘Okay, well, it’s important I stay healthy, it’s important I stay fit,’ and it’s important that we enjoy doing what we’re doing.

I don’t know their reasoning for retiring, but they’ve had an incredible run. They’ve kind of invented their own little, sort of, subgenre within the thrash genre. I’d always go to the ‘Big Four’… Of the four biggest, more well-known, famous groups for doing this, they certainly have their own pillar, their own corner of the ring.

So, yeah, it’s a lot of music, a lot of touring. I mean, those guys are freakin’ road warriors. So if they wanna wind it down, hey, wind it down. But they’re certainly winding it down big, which is great, as it deserves to be.”

You can listen the entire interview from below.