Former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson recently made an appearance on the Talk Toomey podcast. At some point in the interview, Ellefson revealed the song that Pantera never played live on the stage.

Back on July 14, 1992, Megadeth released their fifth studio album ‘Countdown To Extinction.’ Following the release, the album received positive reaction from the critics and fans, and it became their most commercially successful album.

Megadeth then started the Countdown To Extinction Tour in 1992 along with Pantera, Suicidal Tendencies, and White Zombie as the opening acts. The tour continued throughout 1993, and they made several appearances on large festivals.

Remembering their Countdown To Extinction Tour, David Ellefson talked about Pantera in the interview on Talk Toomey podcast. He said that they were so much fun, and he enjoyed watching them perform. The bassist recalled that they played songs from ‘Vulgar’ and ‘Cowboys from hell most of the time, but they never played ‘Cemetary Gates.’

Ellefson then told Talk Toomey that Megadeth would always tell Pantera that it’s one of their best songs to convince them to play it. So, Pantera finally played ‘Cemetary Gates’ on the last night of the tour. According to the bassist, it was great to see them perform it live.

David Ellefson told Talk Toomey podcast that:

“There’s a lot of footage of Pantera because in Europe in ’92 on the ‘Countdown to Extinction’ tour, Pantera was our support act. And those guys were so much fun. Those guys knew how to keep themselves entertained. They were always making movies.

Dime Darrell, would play the music, they were a lot of fun. I’ve been enjoying watching some of the Pantera footage, Nick Menza would go front-of-house and film them playing during different songs.

I would’ve been up until 1992’s ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ for Pantera, and most of the songs they played were from ‘Vulgar’ and 1990’s ‘Cowboys From Hell.’ They never played ‘Cemetary Gates,’ we would always bug them, ‘That’s one of your best songs!’ So finally, on the last night of the tour, they finally played the freaking song.

It was great to see them play it. I think they thought it was too much for them, it was a ballad, but it’s like, ‘It doesn’t matter, it’s a freaking great song.’ It was cool that we finally pulled it out of them, and they finally played it. Just to see how spry and sort of sassy Nick was because he, definitely, he knew how to walk into a room and light it up.”

You can watch Pantera perform ‘Cemetery Gates’ below.