Megadeth’s latest album, Dystopia, was released in 2016. The song “Dystopia”, won the “Best Metal Performance” award at the Grammy Awards 2017.

The band’s bassist David Ellefson spoke in an interview with “The Classic Metal Show” and described his thoughts with the album. He said:

I think ‘Dystopia’, in a lot of ways, is kind of the best of the best Megadeth has done. You know, the production is really strong, the riffs are incredibly complex, and there’s also some very melodic stuff, like ‘Dystopia’, for instance, the title track.

Yet there’s things like ‘Fatal Illusion’, ‘Death From Within’, or just all these things, these tracks that are just really complex songs. And I think even some things that move Megadeth into some new places, like ‘Poisonous Shadows’. That’s kind of taking…

We’ve done things like ‘À Tout Le Monde’ and ‘In My Darkest Hour’ and some things that were ballad-esque, but ‘Poisonous Shadows’, I think, is something that really moved us into a whole new place that we haven’t been to before. So I think there’s just a lot of different stuff. And, of course, Kiko, it’s clear what Kiko brought to the table.”

You can listen entire interview from below.