Speaking in an interview by Metal Hammer, David Ellefson revealed that why Nick Menza got fired from Megadeth. Here’s the statement:

“It’s funny, Nick has been and still is the most hailed and beloved member of the Megadeth legacy. Playing drums is hard, playing drums in Megadeth is even harder, and it beats the shit out of ya.

Nick put in a lot of good years with us, but by 1998 [when he got fired], he was struggling to do the gig.

There was a defining moment in Macer, Arizona, where I looked at him during some breaks in ‘Darkest Hour’ and it was like he was not present. He was beat up, you know?

The transition of bringing Jimmy DeGrasso in, suddenly we turned new corners. Look, I’m a KISS fan, so believe me we dearly tried to keep a line-up together, but sometimes things have to happen.”

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