Megadeth bass guitarist David Ellefson spoke in a recent interview with Metal Journal and talked about the history of Megadeth as he revealed how they came up with the name of the band.

In the conversation, David Ellefson mentioned the benefits and downsides of being in the band and explained how hard life becomes if you are being a part of a band and making music together.

Furthermore, Ellefson pointed out that the original guitarist of the band, Greg Handevidt, asked Dave Mustaine to add David as a bass guitarist and this is how he actually joined the band in the first place.

Furthermore, David Ellefson stated that Megadeth’s name actually came from the song they wrote, which is titled ‘Set The Word On Afire.’ He revealed that Greg Handevidt was the first person who came up with the name ‘Megadeth.’

Here is what David Ellefson said about the origin of the band’s name:

“We met in the hallway over a discussion about KISS. That’s how far back we go. So our whole friendship has been based on music, we played in bands together, we moved to LA together…

He actually played with Dave first. We met Dave, he goes, ‘Dude, we gotta play with that guy, that guy’s awesome!’ So he started playing guitar with Dave and then he told Dave, ‘Get rid of this other bass player guy. Get Ellefson in here!’

So he brought me in, and then that’s when we were jamming together, and then one day we decided to call the band Megadeth, based on the song Dave had which ultimately became ‘Set the World Afire’.

In fact, it was Greg’s idea, ‘Let’s call the band Megadeth.’ Greg, he’s got a history there – and then he went back to Minnesota, but we stayed in touch and everything.”

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