During a recent interview with Talking Bollocks, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has shared untold details about his split from the band in 2002.

Read the what he told here:

“In 2002, when Megadeth had come to an end and Dave walked away from the band, and essentially we disbanded, I think everybody who’s in a big, successful group, you fear that day coming. Because not very many bands are set up in a way where they’re devoid of the personality and it only stands on the music and the show. There’s very few.

I mean, that’s kind of how they put together Broadway musicals and things like that where there’s always a star, but it’s bigger than the star. Well, in these rock bands that we have, they’re very personality driven. And if one or two personalities walk away, it’s over.

So what I saw as the day of impending doom that I always felt may happen finally happened, and when it happened, I had kind of two feelings. One was, ‘Thank God that’s over,’ because it was so much work. But that was just a temporary feeling — like, ‘Oh, my God. Thank God the pressure is off,’ followed immediately by, ‘Holy shit! How am I gonna pay for my life?’ which is the reality of it.”

He also mentioned about the current health status of the leader of the band, Dave Mustaine. Here’s what he said:

“Yeah, and I think it did Dave good. Dave got to recorrect Megadeth to be what he wanted it to be and not always having to listen to advisors and managers and people he was getting frustrated with.

So it’s interesting how sometimes you get a little break away and everybody kind of finds their own way and then, in our case, when we came back together, we came back together better friends, better artists, musicians, and I think we kind of understood the roles that we each play maybe a little better.

So it turned out to be, in hindsight, probably the best thing for all of us.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here for the source of the statements.