Megadeth co-founder and bassist David Warren “Dave” Ellefson had a recent interview with Rock Sverig, and revealed the ending progress of Megadeth.

Ellefson said that one day in 2002, Dave called him and said ‘he is quitting Megadeth, and the band will be over.’

Here is Dave’s statement:

“When Megadeth ended in 2002, there was that moment… I remember flying over to Europe, around the world – I’d sit up there in business class, living the dream and I’m just going, ‘One day, this is going to end. Either we’ll be done with it or they’ll be done with us. Times will change. Megadeth will be over. I’ll quit or they’ll fire me or… something will go down.’

And then one day in 2002, Dave calls and says he’s quitting Megadeth and the band’s over and I was, like, ‘Fuck, that day showed up!’ “On one hand, I was really relieved because I had a young family and I really hated being gone from my kids – and I went, ‘Well, maybe that phase of my life is now over,’ followed immediately by, ‘Holy shit! How am I going to pay for my house?’

Real life showed up and I got into action. I picked up the phone and called everybody I knew and ended up getting some stability with this consulting position I had at Peavey, which is a really big job at a big company, yet it allowed me the flexibility to still perform when I worked with Max Cavalera [in Soulfly] and I had F5 and I realized, me being a musician will never end.

This is really the calling that the good Lord put on me to do. It’s why I’m here and I realized I never really had to get a job because even working at Peavey, I loved it and it was still like waking up and being in a band.

And it could barely be considered a job. It was fun and I was just calling my friends and hanging out in a different capacity.”

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