In a recent interview with Yes! You CAN Play Guitar! former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson talked about the upcoming ‘Kings of Thrash Tour,’ and his role of ‘The Ambassador’ as Dave Mustaine puts it.

Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson weren’t always on the same page in the years they worked together. There was always an internal feud between them. It started in 2004 with the lawsuit where Mustaine was accused of owing the band members millions of dollars in royalties.

Even though the lawsuit was settled among the members, the tensions did not end with this scandal. After several years of peace among the band members, Ellefson’s sex scandal erupted. This incident was the last straw to push Mustaine to kick Ellefson out of the band. From then on, the members said they wanted the best for each other, but fans assumed that not everything was resolved between them.

When asked about the upcoming ‘Kings of Thrash Tour,’ he stated that this tour is not against Dave Mustaine or the other band members. It is a celebration of the music they have created. He added that Mustaine called him ‘The Ambassador’ because he was the guy who brought everyone together, and he wanted to maintain that role in their community.

David Ellefson’s words about the upcoming ‘Kings of Thrash Tour’:

“This is a celebration, not a retaliation. This is a good moment. This is a happy moment to celebrate these songs, tracks, and records. So we go at it with just fun. It’s, like, ‘Wow. Wouldn’t it be fun if we went out and played these records?’ And we’re doing it. So it’s meant to be this celebration and bringing people together.

And honestly, that was always my role in Megadeth. Dave always called me ‘The Ambassador,’ and I was always that guy, and I am that guy. So it’s, like, let me continue that role in our community and have one of goodwill.”

Several US shows are scheduled for this October under the name ‘Kings of Thrash – The Mega Years.’ The shows will consist of Ellefson alongside ex-Megadeth guitarists Jeff Young and Chris Poland. They will perform two of Megadeth’s classic albums in their entirety, ‘Killing is My Business… and Business is Good’ and ‘So Far, So Good… So What!’