Former Megadeth bass guitarist David Ellefson made a statement about his controversial sex scandal which ended his career with Megadeth during a recent appearance on the Eddie Trunk podcast.

Ellefson returned to Megadeth in 2010 after his departure in 2002, and he recorded three studio albums during this period. While Megadeth was getting ready for the sixteenth record, some tragic news hit the scene.

An anonymous person leaked the scandal video of David when he was sexually interacting with a woman online, which led to his departure from Megadeth after a short period following the huge criticism from the community.

In a recent conversation with Eddie Trunk, Ellefson touched upon the fact that allegations about his actions that say illegal are false. Apparently, he immediately hired a criminal lawyer instead of hiring a civil lawyer.

While David was saying that he was not guilty and went to the police department as soon as possible, he also pointed out that criminals don’t go to the police when they are accused of doing something illegal. The bass guitarist also mentioned that he will file a lawsuit against the person who leaked the video since he wants this person to go into jail.

David Ellefson on the sex tape scandal:

There was nothing. And that’s why I immediately hired a criminal lawyer. I went right to the police department. And just for the record, the bad guy doesn’t go to the police department. Okay?

So, just to be clear. The guy who didn’t do anything wrong, he goes to the police department. That’s why I went to the police department and filed a police report and let them deal with it.

David on if he is going to open a lawsuit for the person who leaked the video:

“A hundred percent. That’s why I didn’t hire a civil lawyer to sue people for a million bucks. I hired a criminal lawyer, and what they do is prosecute to put people in jail. ‘Cause those were the crimes.

You can’t just go do shit like that — put stuff out there, content — and not have a penalty. That is the crime. And I think people just think they can — and not everybody; I’m not saying all people — but there is a faction that they just think that that could be just done as a joke and for fun, and it can’t.

Of course, it’s the Internet, so people live in foreign countries; there’s all this stuff. That’s why the best thing, I think, is to, first of all, just get away from those platforms because that is a breeding ground for that society to do that.”

Later in the conversation, Ellefson revealed that all the legal proceedings are resolved about the claims and said that they took the steps necessary. As David said, all the things are fine for him.