After being fired from Megadeth a couple of months ago, David Ellefson recently attended Eddie Trunk’s show and revealed some shocking details about the band’s reaction. According to Ellefson, when the incident occurred, the band told him not to talk about it.

Ellefson faced a massive backlash in May and was accused of pedophilia. Someone leaked a video in which the bassist could be seen masturbating, which he had sent to an allegedly underage girl. Ellefson issued a statement with the involved party and stressed that the woman was not underage and that he would file a lawsuit for defamation.

However, as he recently revealed, Megadeth didn’t want him to defend himself.
The videos spread very fast, and therefore Ellefson had to think and do something as quickly as possible. Megadeth told him not to comment, but his legal team advised him to defend himself against such allegations.

Eventually, the bassist decided not to stay silent and commented on it. However, this decision cost him his past as Megadeth’s co-founder and bassist, but the musician seems happy with his decision since he said everyone has the right to defend themselves.

Here is how he talked about the aftermath of the incident:

“I ran toward the bullets and dealt with it right away. The night [the messages and video were leaked online], a couple of people said, ‘Hey, don’t say anything.’ In particular, the Megadeth camp didn’t want me to say anything. But my legal [advisers] said, ‘Hey, I think you should say something. I think some people have done some really shitty things here and made some false allegations about you, and you have every right to defend yourself.’ And I did. Ultimately, that led to my dismissal from Megadeth.

But I have every right, as anyone does, to defend yourself, especially when somebody is making false allegations about you like that. So I dealt with it that night, and quite honestly, that was it — it was over, and it was really kind of done. But then, as the Megadeth camp, in particular, jumped in and had addressed it — and not that they shouldn’t, but they did. That pretty quickly led to them deciding to part ways with me and to move away from it.

We had originally talked about doing a joint statement of sorts, and, of course, that was not what happened. So I was disappointed is probably the way it went down.”

Even though the party involved also issued a statement supporting Ellefson’s explanation, this didn’t affect the band’s decision. Dave Mustaine seemed determined that they couldn’t continue with Ellefson after such a scandal and hasn’t looked back ever since.