In an interview with NFR, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson talked about the time he watched a live performance of Green Day and revealed the trick Billie Joe Armstrong used to decide what to play next so that they managed to have a perfect show.

As you may know, Billie Joe Armstrong and his band Green Day are under the spotlight for the last couple of weeks due to the ongoing allegations about The Network which claimed to be a secret side project of Green Day. Although both bands have been sharing various posts about denying the secret collaboration among them, fans are not still convinced about the reality.

Recently, in an interview he joined, Megadeth’s David Ellefson put Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day on the table with a new claim regarding their live shows. During the conversation, Ellefson stated that he once went to see Green Day live at the Marquee Theater which he described as a ‘very cool’ show.

Furthermore, David Ellefson mentioned that they were playing two hours of hit songs which caused the show to become even more spectacular. However, David claimed that he realized a detail during the show regarding Billie Joe’s control over his bandmates and all the crew.

According to Ellefson, Green Day icon was using a microphone to communicate with the crew and he was telling them which songs they should play next. Megadeth bassist stated that Billie’s clever tactic to control everything during their live performance was something to be admired of.

Here’s what David Ellefson stated in the interview:

“I got to see Green Day play, the played at the Marquee Theater; they were ramping up for a big run in Europe, and they did three or four small little warm-up shows – 2,300 seat cap room.

And it was very cool, it was awesome to just have this, but they did the same thing – they would play a bunch of songs, they’re pretty short and powerful, and you knew every one of them.

That’s when you realize, ‘Man, this fucking band, they got two hours of nothing but hits.’ But Billy Joe would go back to the microphone, he had like a 57 on a straight stand by the drums.

And you could tell he had a little switch he would step on and talk to the – I don’t know if he was talking to the monitor guy or if he was talking to everybody with in-ears. But he would list them off, ‘Alright, let’s do these next three in a row…’ And then they would just bang them up. That was pretty clever.”

Ellefson continued:

“Yeah, it looked like he was walking back to get a drink on the drum riser, which he probably was, but then he’d be like, ‘Hey, guys, so check it out…’

That was very cool. I don’t know if we’d be able to do that in Megadeth, I mean, we might be able to, but when we set our show up, it’s set up, and there’s a lot that goes with it. So for him, as big of a band as they are, there’s this very kind of like the Ramones ‘one-two-three-four *drum noises*’ They’d riff through a bunch of tunes.”

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