Megadeth bass guitarist David Ellefson revealed how he met with Dave Mustaine during a recent appearance on No Fuckin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn.

After moving out with his friend and original bass guitarist of Megadeth, Greg Handevidt, David saw Dave around the house. One day he started to play his bass guitar in the morning, but Dave was not happy about it.

Dave shouted out David to stop playing in the middle of their sleep. Afterward, Greg saw the reflection of Dave upstairs and found out that he was actually listening to what they are playing.

To break the ice between them, Greg and David knocked out the door of Dave and just asked where they can find alcohol and cigarettes, and this is how they first met each other.

Here is what David Ellefson said:

“I see Dave walking around, and one morning we wake up and I plug in my bass and start playing, and all of a sudden we hear this neighbor upstairs [Mustaine] screaming at us and throwing a flower pot down.

It hit my air conditioner. ‘Shut the fuck up, we’re fucking sleeping!’ It was like 10 AM, so I’m thinking, ‘Alright, it’s 10 AM, let’s get going.’ And my friend Greg says a little while late – maybe that afternoon or something – he and I were sitting, jamming downstairs.

And we could see the reflection of the window next door, he looks up and sees Dave kind of leaning out of the window, kind of listening in.”

He continued:

“And he goes, ‘Hey, that’s that dude that we saw walking around. He lives upstairs, we should go say hey.’ Greg is pretty bold – he’s a singer in a metal band, you know how they are.

We go upstairs; we’re like, ‘This is it.’ We bang on the door, hear some music playing inside – the stereo’s cranking – Dave opens the door. ‘What…?’ And first we asked him where we can buy some cigarettes – just trying to break the ice. ‘Down the corner at the store’ – slams the door in our face.

We’re like, ‘Alright, that was the guy.’ We knock again. ‘What?’ ‘Hey man, you know where we can buy any beer?’ He kind of looks us up and down and realizes we’re pretty harmless…”

David Ellefson added:

“We were trying to look like we’re in Iron Maiden, jeans, and leather jacket, so he lets us in and we start bullshitting and talking. We go down to the corner – that liquor store is still there, actually…

He was 21, we were 18 – another problem; we were in L.A., so now you’re underage, and that sucked. It was 19, my birthday is in November, so I was coming up on it, but now you’re in L.A. and, ‘Jesus, now we’re really underage.’

“So it was one of those, ‘You buy, I’ll fly’ kind of thing. So we all walked down to the corner to the liquor store, and Dave’s telling stories, he’s funny as shit – Dave’s a great storyteller. And very quickly you get the impression, ‘This is the real guy, this guy’s a real rock star.'”

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