The bassist, and co-founder of Megadeth, David Ellefson, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and proudly announced the mainstream success of his latest project and thanked his fans for their immense support.

Even though David Ellefson reached mainstream fame as the co-founder of the legendary metal band Megadeth, he has lately been making it to our headlines with his successful side projects. The 56 years old metal head is apparently not even close to retiring as he’s active in the metal scene but also in the cinema and business world.

Ellefson is currently working on some side projects such as Metal Allegiance, F5, Temple of Brutality, and Killing Machine but he’s also the founder of his own brand. Being a well-known coffee addict, he has his own coffee brand Ellefson Coffee Co. and owns a record label, the EMP Label Group.

Aside from these, he is also a film producer and the founder of Ellefson Films. His first attempt as a film producer was to undertake the production of the found footage horror film ‘Dwellers.’ Aside from being the film’s producer, Ellefson also starred in the film and he portrayed himself as a featured cameo. The film’s shooting was done in mid-2019 but it premiered on February 21, 2021.

With his recent Instagram post, Ellefson proudly announced that ‘Dwellers’ has won the ‘Best Documentary Award‘ at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival which he found ironic as ‘Dwellers’ is a found footage film, which means that there are featured footages within the film which are presented like real but are in fact fake and are only used to strengthen the film’s context.

Ellefson went on to say that they have also been selected into the ‘Horror Bowl Movie Awards and have gained 4 nominations from the Five Continents International Film Festival.’ His happiness and proudness considering the film’s mainstream success were apparent to his fans who congratulated the famous metal star on his new endeavors.

Here’s what David Ellefson said in the caption of his recent post:

“We are thrilled to announce that our found footage horror film Dwellers has won the Best Documentary award at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival. You will understand the glorious irony of this ‘Best Documentary’ award once you view this film. We couldn’t be happier. We have also been officially selected into the Horror Bowl Movie Awards and have gained 4 nominations from the Five Continents International Film Festival including:
Best Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Makeup
Best Director
The Vegas Movie Awards have also nominated our film’s writer, director, and star Drew Fortier in the Best Actor category.
Thank you to all of these amazing film festivals for selecting, nominating, and awarding our first Ellefson Films feature, and are excited for what the future holds for Dwellers!”

Click here to check out Ellefson’s post and you can watch the film’s trailer below.