Megadeth bassist and also the co-founder of the band, David Ellefson, has made a new interview with ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Icons With Bode James’ podcast last week and shared the latest details about Megadeth’s upcoming album which will be released in 2021.

Last week, Dave Mustaine has participated in a Question & Answer session during Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp and played a little teaser from the upcoming album of Megadeth. The legendary frontman also shared the possible name of the new Megadeth album: ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead.’

In his latest interview, David Ellefson was asked about the title of the album as well as what will the sound of album be like. Just like Mustaine, Ellefson also stated that they still can change the title of the album and whenever it’s completed, the whole industry will know the details.

Here are the statements of Dave about their upcoming album:

“Like Dave said when he announced it, he goes, ‘We usually end up changing the title four or five times before it [is released].’ We had a saying back in the old days: ‘Nothing’s final until it’s on vinyl.’

So everything can change. Probably short of the name of the band, everything can change. It’s all just a work in progress, and I think that’s the beauty of the creative world.”

He continued:

“People wanna know answers, like, ‘What does it sound like? Does it sound like this album? Does it sound like that album?’ And it’s, like, ‘Hey, man, I can’t really tell you.’ It’s a work in progress until it’s done.

And then once it’s done, you’ll hear it, and then we’ll all have a little talk about it.”

You can watch the whole interview right below.

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