During a conversation with ‘More Nights With Deth,’ Megadeath’s bassist David Ellefson talked about the pandemic and the newly discovered vaccines while sharing his views on live broadcasted shows and revealed whether he actually prefers them to live shows.

As you know, Megadeath has quite a reputation for putting on amazing shows for their fans and there is no doubt that the restriction policies aiming to prevent the spread of COVID-19, have affected the band’s morale as they haven’t been able to perform live for a year. Their 2020 tour was rescheduled for 2021 and in his recent interview, Ellefson made it clear that he can’t wait to be back on stage.

When asked about the vaccine, Ellefson said that being in lockdown indefinitely will not bring the end of the often deadly virus which has brought the whole world to its knees. He also said that the vaccine seems to be the only solution and stated that his daughter will be getting it as she’s in the nursing field and is ‘kind of one of the frontline workers.’

He added that the vaccine seems to be a stray of hope which will enable everyone to go back to their normal lives and musicians to put on the amazing shows they have been trying to continue doing online for the past year. He referred to KISS’ New Year’s Eve show in Dubai and said that he would have preferred being there in person instead of looking at them from a small screen on his laptop.

Here’s what David Ellefson said about the COVID-19 vaccine and the broadcasted live shows in the interview

“The reality of it is, the world is not gonna open up until this goes away. I know my daughter is probably gonna get the vaccine; she’s in the nursing field now, so she’s kind of one of the frontline workers. And there are gonna be certain people that are just gonna have to do it.

The reality of it is we aren’t just gonna lockdown until it disappears — we’re just not; it’s not how it’s gonna be. So the only other option is to get the vaccine. That is really the reality of it; it is just what it is.

Look, we want the world to open up. We all wanna be out rocking. It was fun to watch KISS in Dubai on the Internet, but I’d rather go see ’em play here in town. It’d be more fun than watching it on my laptop.

So, I’m a fan, too. I wanna go see shows; I wanna see my buddies playing. I go out and I support the cause. I buy a t-shirt. I’ll even buy tickets once in a while.”

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