Megadeth bassist and co-founder David Ellefson was recently interviewed by Rock Music Star’s Thomas S. Orwat, Jr this week and revealed the latest status of the upcoming album of Megadeth which will be their first album since releasing ‘Dystopia’ back in 2016.

As you may already remember from our recently shared articles, both Dave Mustaine and David stated many times that they are putting the finishing touches on the upcoming album of Megadeth. While the title of the album is still not decided, in the question and answer session that Mustaine made earlier, he hinted at the name would be ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead.’

In his latest interview, Megadeth star stated that the band is in the final hours of recording the new album. Dave also shared the tough times they had to record a new album after months-long tours and admitted that they had the luxury of time not to hurry the album due to a coronavirus outbreak.

Here is what Ellefson said:

“One of the things, on the onset of it had said to me, he goes, ‘I really wanna just take the time to listen to this record. We had been in this grind, this touring thing, where you make a record, you go right out on tour, you come off of an 18-month tour and you go right into the studio and make a record.

And there’s an energy about I like sometimes, and I think Megadeth has made some great records when our backs are against the wall and there’s not a lot of time. I think with this one, especially following up ‘Dystopia’, off of such a big record like that, this is one where we have the luxury of time to sit back and we don’t just have to hurry up and finish it.”

You can watch the interview below.

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