Megadeth bass guitarist David Ellefson spoke in a recent interview with Metal Journal and revealed how Dave Mustaine reacted when he got kicked out from Metallica.

Metallica was formed in 1981, and Dave Mustaine joined the band only a year later. In 1983, the band members decided to fire Dave and replaced him with Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett. A short time later, Dave Mustaine formed Megadeth.

In a recent conversation, David Ellefson mentioned that Dave wanted to be in charge of Megadeth due to what happened in Metallica. He said that Mustaine was writing almost everything when they first started as Megadeth.

Furthermore, Ellefson revealed what Mustaine said after he found out he was kicked out from Metallica. Apparently, Dave said ‘never again would I not pay attention.’ David added that he had to give Dave Mustaine credit for paying attention to what he had been doing with his band from then on.

Here’s what David Ellefson stated about Dave Mustaine’s departure from Metallica:

“When we first started, Dave wrote everything. We sat in a room, we all kind of spitballed and talked about things, especially when Greg Handevidt was playing guitar.

But Dave very much wanted to be in charge. And you could tell a lot of that was based on what happened with Metallica.

Even in his book, he talked about that; he said he realized his name wasn’t on the Metallica contract, and then they booted him out of the band. And he said, ‘Never again would I not pay attention.’ So, to his credit, he’s definitely paid attention – I’ve gotta give him credit for that.”

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