Pink Floyd’s successful guitarist David Gilmour’s wife, author Polly Samson, recently posted a video of David with a magpie on his head on her Instagram account which was watched by more than 60 thousand people who enjoyed meeting David’s new friend.

Polly Samson is followed by almost 90 thousand people on Instagram both because she is a successful author and lyricist, but also because she posts cute photos of her family, including David Gilmour. Thus, a great number of Pink Floyd fans enjoy following her.

Polly Samson really made David Gilmour’s fans happy with the latest video that she posted. She posted a video of Gilmour with Benzene, a magpie who is apparently a part of their family. The interesting and funny thing about the video is that Benzene is sitting on David’s head, who is enjoying his food while Benzene is mimicking people’s laughs.

David’s calm attitude when the magpie is on his head was one of the things that made his fans laugh the most. While the magpie is mimicking laughs and is taping on David’s head with its feet, he just keeps eating and smiling. With this cute video, Polly actually wanted to announce her biological and David’s adoptive son, Charlie Gilmour’s recent success.

As you may have heard, Charlie Gilmour recently published a memoir named ‘Featherhood: A Memoir of Two Fathers and a Magpie.’ It is about how he nursed a magpie back to health and understood a lot about fatherhood and himself. In the memoir, he talks about his father, Heathcote Williams, who abandoned him and his mother Polly when he was young, his mental health issues during his adult life, and David’s exemplary fatherhood.

Polly wanted to celebrate that their son’s memoir actually was chosen the ‘Memoir of the Year‘ by The Sunday Times. More than 500 hundred people commented on the cute relationship between Benzene the magpie and David and appreciated David’s humbleness and niceness.

Others congratulated Charlie and wished him all the best. However, most of the comments were about how amazing it is to see David Gilmour as a ‘normal person‘ rather than a performing rockstar.

Here is one of the most liked comments:

“It’s so cool to see David as a normal person 😍”

This is another one:

Imagine being that cool.”

Here’s what Polly Samson wrote in the caption of her Instagram post of David Gilmour:

“The Sunday Times has named Charlie Gilmour’s ‘Featherhood’ its ‘Memoir of the Year!’

Benzene was quite the attention-seeker so would have cackled with joy at this accolade.”

You can check out the photo that Polly Samson posted below.