Pink Floyd’s singer David Gilmour, recently posted a video on his Twitter account and announced that the song that he and his family sang during a live stream back in April 2020 is now available on his YouTube channel.

It is safe to say that David Gilmour is one of the rockstars who don’t enjoy using their social media accounts. He rarely posts anything on his Instagram or Twitter, and when he does, it’s either to update his fans on his latest projects or share sneak peeks with his family, which now has a nickname, the Von Trapped Family.

The Von Trapped family nickname became a thing after the outbreak of COVID-19 when the Gilmour family ended up altogether. One of the things that the family did the most, was to do live streams to connect with their fans. In April 2020, they had done a really cute live stream and then posted parts of it on Gilmour’s YouTube channel.

With his recent tweet, Gilmour announced that Von Trapped Family’s rendition of his hit song ‘On An Island‘ which was on his third solo studio album and they performed during their popular live stream back in April, will be uploaded on David Gilmour’s YouTube channel and advised his fans to check it out.

Here’s what David Gilmour said in his tweet:

“The latest Von Trapped Family performance to be uploaded to David’s YouTube channel is his April 2020 version of ‘On An Island.’ Watch the full video at David Gilmour’s YouTube profile.”

You can check out David Gilmour’s tweet and listen to the Von Trapped family’s rendition of ‘On An Island‘ below.