Pink Floyd’s singer David Gilmour, recently posted a video on his Instagram account and announced that his Von Trapped Family has just posted their latest cover on Gilmour’s YouTube channel, and advised his fans to check it out.

David Gilmour is one of the rockstars who rarely enjoy using their social media accounts, and the main reason why he uses his Instagram account is to announce his latest projects and share some cute photos with his beloved family, which now has a nickname, the ‘Von Trapped Family.’

This nickname surfaced with the COVID-19 outbreak, and as the name suggests, it was selected because the family ended up being trapped together (aside from the ‘The Sound of Music’ reference). However, The Von Trapped family has not seized to make art and in fact, they have been posting videos on YouTube and doing live streams on Facebook since the beginning of 2020.

Just some hours ago, David Gilmour posted a video of himself and the rest of the Von Trapped Family on his Instagram account and announced that they just uploaded their rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Bird On The Wire‘ on Gilmour’s YouTube channel, and the song has already been enjoyed by almost a hundred thousand people.

Numerous people commented under Gilmour’s post and while some applauded the Von Trapped Family’s performance, others took a moment to appreciate the family’s passion for all kinds of art. There were also some fans who thanked Gilmour and his family for making everyones lockdown better with their lovely performances.

Here’s what David Gilmour said in the caption of his recent post:

“‘Bird On The Wire’

David’s Von Trapped Family performance of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Bird On The Wire‘ is now available on his YouTube channel.”

This is what a fan commented:

National treasure right there, we must protect this family at all costs.”

Here’s what another fan said:

I loved my lockdown because of your weekly performance❤️”

Click here to check out David Gilmour’s post and you can listen to the Von Trapped Family’s rendition of ‘Bird On The Wire‘ below.