On its official Instagram, Pink Floyd announced that the band would release two physical versions of the most recent single to support Ukraine titled ‘Hey, Hey, Rise Up!.’ David Gilmour shared his views about the war mentioning it was a frustrating incident.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, people have shown their support for the latter on social media. Many famous artists try to be active on this issue and state that they are on the side of Ukraine. Numerous names from the rock world have been talking about it for months. Some of them participated in campaigns to show the real side of the affair to the whole world.

One of these rockers, David Gilmour, has been reacting to the war since its beginning. In the previous months, Pink Floyd guitarist announced on his Instagram that the band would remove their songs from Russia’s digital platforms. In another speech, Gilmour shared that he felt uncomfortable because there was not much he could do for Ukraine.

On April 8, 2022, Pink Floyd released the song ‘Hey, Hey, Rise Up!‘ based on an old Ukrainian national anthem. Ukrainian musician Andriy Khlyvnyuk from the rock band Boombox contributed to the vocals in the single. The song, released to support Ukraine, achieved success on the charts.

Pink Floyd announced on its recent Instagram post that two physical versions of the single would come out as a limited edition. David Gilmour stated that he was frustrated with this war which a superpowered country started in another independent country. The rocker expressed that he still couldn’t believe how a government interfered with an independent country and killed people there.

David Gilmour said in his words:

“Any war, but particularly a war started by a world superpower against an independent democratic nation, has got to raise enormous anger and frustration in one. As I said, I have a small connection there; my daughter-in-law is from Ukraine. And the band Boombox is Ukrainian people I already knew, not well, but from some time ago.

It’s an enormously difficult, frustrating, and anger-making thing that one human being could have the power to invade another independent democratic nation and set about killing the population. It’s just obscene to the extent beyond my belief.”

The band’s Instagram has also mentioned that the physical versions of the song and a remade version of the 1994 song ‘A Great Day For Freedom’ will be available on July 15, 2022.

You can see the Instagram post and listen to the song below.

Photo Credit: Pink Floyd – Instagram