Pink Floyd’s vocalist David Gilmour, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account with which he paid tribute and expressed his unending appreciation for his late friend and bandmate, Syd Barrett.

David Gilmour is rarely active on social media, but from time to time, he enjoys sharing his latest projects, posting videos of himself playing the guitar, and paying tribute to late rockstars. With his recent Instagram post, Gilmour took the time to pay tribute to Pink Floyd’s co-founder who would have been celebrating his 75th birthday if he were alive today.

As you probably know, Syd Barrett was one of the co-founders of Pink Floyd in 1965, but his career with the band was short-lived as he was ousted from the band in 1968 due to excessive use of drugs. In 1972 Barret retired early from the music industry, tried to stay away from public life, and guarded his privacy up until his passing in 2006. However, Pink Floyd always remembered him and it can be said that he will be a part of the band forever.

Pink Floyd paid homage to Barrett through their recordings such as the 1975 ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond‘ and the 1979 rock opera The Wall. Thus, it should not be surprising that David Gilmour wanted to take the time and celebrate his friend’s and short-term bandmate’s birthday, even if he’s no longer with us.

Here’s what David Gilmour said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

Remembering Syd on what would have been his 75th birthday.”

You can check out David Gilmour’s recent Instagram post below.