Pink Floyd’s iconic musician David Gilmour‘s music video for the brand new song ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts‘ is now officially available on YouTube and the song includes more family collaboration.

After five years of waiting, the recently announced song of Gilmour was revealed by him on Instagram as a product of family work. He said that he was inspired a lot by his wife Polly Samson‘s new novel ‘A Theatre For Dreamers‘ while creating the song. To see more details about the song, you can check on our previous news.

On his latest post on Instagram, David Gilmour made the announcement of both the music video and his daughter Romany‘s contribution to the creation process of the song as the co-vocalist and harpist. He said:

“The video for my new song, Yes, I Have Ghosts (with lyrics by Polly Samson and harp/vocals from Romany Rose) is available now on YouTube.”

You can see Gilmour’s tweet and the official music video of ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts’ below.