The official Instagram page of the British rock band Pink Floyd has celebrated the 77th birthday of Roger Waters while congratulating his latest project though the feud between him and the guitarist of the band, David Gilmour.

As you may remember, the two legendary musicians got involved in beef as Waters sued the band in the last months. During an interview, he said that David Gilmour isn’t his friend while admitting that Nick Mason is closer to him. Waters also complained about the fact that Gilmour doesn’t let him use the band’s social media accounts.

Despite the bad blood, which has been going on for months now, the Instagram team of the band didn’t forget to wish a happy birthday to Roger Waters. A statement was made in the name of Pink Floyd, in which Waters’ latest concert film, ‘Us + Them,’ was mentioned.

After this post, the fans of the band wondered if David Gilmour is giving up on his decision about Roger Waters’ managing the social media pages that belong to the band. The benevolent celebration led many fans to think that the feud between the two ceases.

Roger Waters’ ‘Us + Them‘ is a 2019 concert movie which was directed by Waters and Sean Evans. It captures a truncated performance from Waters’ 2017–18 live tour. The cinema release of the film was accompanied by a documentary titled ‘A Fleeting Glimpse,’ capturing behind the scenes footage of the band rehearsing.

The film was released in theaters across the world on 2 and 6 October in 2019. In May 2020, it was announced that the film would be getting a digital release, starting with YouTube on 16 June, and followed by Blu-ray and DVD on 2 October.

Here is what was said in the latest Instagram post of Pink Floyd:

“A very happy birthday to Roger Waters, who releases his recent Us + Them concert recording in less than a month’s time.”

You can see the post below.