Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour’s wife and well-known novelist, Polly Samson, has shared a photo of David Gilmour on her official Instagram account and shocked the fans with interesting detail.

If you might remember, David sold his ‘Black Strat’ guitar to raise $21M to Combat Climate Change about eight months ago. With this respectful behavior, David showed how much he cares about this world.

After seeing this picture, everybody was confused because David was looking like he is playing with his old ‘Black Strat.’ But the truth is, Fender sent a replica of this guitar, and he has appeared with the new model in this picture.

Here is what Polly Samson wrote:

“DG Black Strat at rehearsal for Peter Green celebration concert.”

A fan named Elahe added this comment:

“Didn’t he sell the black strat?”

Another fan named Daniel Saavedra replied:

“@dr_elahe_rezazadeh_ The original, yes. These are the new custom replicas from Fender.”

Another fan named Matt Guttilla said:

“David, I cannot imagine this world without your notes honestly. I wish it was born in the 70s. 🎸”

You can check the post below.