Pink Floyd released a golden-worth photo of David Gilmour on their official and verified Instagram page and revealed the precious reaction of David while he’s posing in front of a controversial t-shirt: ‘I Hate Pink Floyd.’

As the official page captioned famous English singer John Lydon’s words about Pink Floyd, you can easily say that David Gilmour does not even care about the hate they got.

Here is the caption:

“Despite defacing the t-shirt, a reproduction of which was shown at Their Mortal Remains: The Pink Floyd Exhibition, John Lydon has since revealed that:

“You’d have to be daft as a brush to say you didn’t like Pink Floyd!”

An Instagram personality named evan.stokes commented on the post:

“They’d rather listen to the same looped pop songs on TikTok.”

Another user, lionelvillanueva managed to write the most-liked words:

“The only Band in the 🌍 if they announced a reunion sold all tickets in only 10 minutes.”

You can check out the photo right below.