Pink Floyd’s co-lead vocalist who joined the band after the departure of the founder Syd Barrett, David Gilmour, took his official Twitter account today and share a new tweet after posting another one about his family member just a day ago.

As you may already know, David Gilmour is not an active social media personality on both Instagram and Twitter. However, for the last two days, David is using his Twitter account to express how honored he is for having such a successful family.

Yesterday, Gilmour shared a post to celebrate his beloved wife Polly Samson being nominated to Telegraph’s ‘Best Novels Of 2020’ list for her latest book named ‘A Theater For Dreamers.’ David stated that he was so proud of having such a talented wife.

And today, David took his Twitter account one more time to celebrate his adopted son Charlie Gilmour’s accomplishment of being selected the ‘Biography/Memoir Of The Year’ with his latest book named ‘Featherhood.’ The book exposes the family connections of the Charlie and the whole story of his life. In his tweet, David mentioned that his son deserved to be chosen for this honor and stated that he was deeply proud of him.

Here is what David wrote on his latest tweet:

“Brilliant Charlie! Charlie Gilmour’s ‘Featherhood’ is Memoir of the Year in today’s Sunday Times. So well deserved – and so proud of you!”

You may check out the latest Twitter post of David right below.