Polly Samson, the wife of the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, shared a lovely picture of Gilmour on her official Instagram page. And the photo gives the most wondered question about him: what he’s doing amid lockdown?

Since Pink Floyd‘s Live 8 appearance in 2005, there has not been a Pink Floyd reunion, and with the death of Rick Wright in September 2008, another reunion with the core group members became impossible. The last work Gilmour had with Pink Floyd was an album named The Endless River in 2014. When it comes to his solo career, after nearly 3 years of break, his last album was released in 2017, Gilmour recently released a single named Yes, I Have Ghosts which is his first single in five years.

His wife, Polly Samson loves sharing pictures of David Gilmour that she captures while the sun shines on his face, or when they are having a picnic, and even when he is reading a book. She shares her admiration for her husband through her official Instagram posts and fans appreciate it since they get the chance to see Gilmour. Though David Gilmour has never made an announcement about possible retirement, furthermore rejected it, it looks like he has been spending his time mostly for his family and himself while not stop making music.

Polly Samson once again shared a lovely picture of Gilmour with a beautiful smile on his face on her official Instagram page. And Gilmour seems like he has been having a great time during his retreat. Although Samson did not make a long explanation, the picture speaks for itself.

Here is what Samson said in the caption section:


Since Gilmour himself is not as active as Samson on social media, fans get to see him through Samson‘s Instagram page rather then Gilmour‘s own Instagram page. Yet either way, fans get updated thanks to Samson’s posts and can keep up with Gilmour’s current life.

You can see the Instagram post below.