Pink Floyd star David Gilmour and his wife Polly Samson‘s house was announced to be almost ready after a long period of construction, however, the fans were in disagreement on the latest look of the house.

Pink Floyd‘s guitarist and co-lead vocalist David Gilmour has been married to the novelist Polly Samson for more than 28 years now. The couple has four lovely children.

Back in 2015, David and Polly bought a ravaged building in King’s Esplanade in Hove which was formerly a Turkish bathhouse. Later in 2017, the couple got the necessary permissions to start the construction on the site.

Recently, the constructions on the house were announced as almost completed. The house of the Pink Floyd icon will include an open plan kitchen, living room, dining room, and hall, as well as a study, library, snug, gym, and five bedrooms.

As the designs of the house were revealed, the fans were divided whether they liked the design of Gilmour’s new house or not. Some of them claimed the house wasn’t looking great enough considering all the investment he had done.

On the other hand, most of the fans thought David was doing an amazing job by recreating something to keep it within the area it belonged to.

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Photo Credit: The Argus