Pink Floyd vocalist David Gilmour’s wife, novelist Polly Samson, recently posted a photo of her beloved partner and their granddaughter Olinka on Instagram and fans couldn’t help but express their surprise about how similar they look.

Polly Samson is a famous English novelist and journalist who’s also known for her 27-years-long marriage to David Gilmour. Her latest work ‘A Theatre For Dreams‘ was highly praised and even chosen The Sunday Time Best Seller. Aside from an author, she’s also a songwriter and is credited as the lyricist of numerous Pink Floyd and David Gilmour hits.

In addition to those traits, Polly also enjoys taking photographs of her family which is highly appreciated by rock fans as David Gilmour is not active on social media, and only through her can they get some sneak peeks from his life. At the beginning of 2021, Polly had announced that she’ll be posting one photo every day and her most recent post really surprised Gilmour fans.

As you may know, the Gilmours or the Von Trapped family have been spending their Covid-19 days in the Greek island of Hydra which is where this photo seems to be set. In the photo, Gilmour is looking at their granddaughter Olinka with such love that can never be described. The little girl’s curious looks resemble no other than her grandpa, a look that Gilmour fans know really well.

Here’s what a fan said:

“She looks like him.”

And another fan added:

Little David.”

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Polly Samson – Instagram