Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson shared a picture on her official Instagram post and fans noticed the similarity of her picture to the album cover of Pink Floyd’s iconic album ‘Obscured by Clouds.

‘Obscured by Clouds’ is the seventh studio album by Pink Floyd and it was released on June 2, 1972. The album was based on their soundtrack for the French film ‘La Vallée’ and recorded in two sessions in France, while they were touring and produced by the band members.

The album received mixed reviews while fans have overlooked it, Rolling Stone stated that it was only a dull film soundtrack. The Daily Telegraph, apparently, had positive views about ‘Obscured by Clouds’ since they stated that the album’s elegant instrumentals point the way to ‘Dark Side.’

The album has an unusual cover since the image is actually a photograph of a man sitting on a tree. The slide jammed on a 35mm projector while the band was deciding which photo to use for the cover, and everybody liked the way it completely distorted.

On her latest Instagram post, Polly Samson shared a flower picture with a background that has an undeniable similarity to the cover of ‘Obscured by Clouds.’ While Samson only mentioned the flower’s name in the caption section, fans commented under the post to stress the similarity.

Here is what Samson stated in the caption of her post:

“Dusk rose”

Here is what a fan said:

“Wow, reminds me of the cover of ‘Obscured by Clouds’

You can see the Instagram post and the cover of ‘Obscured by Clouds’ below.